Om operates as an eco friendly, ethical, conscious establishment.

We are a husband and wife team,who have taken how we already run our home as an environmentally friendly household, and applied this directly to Om. We are 100% committed to ensuring our establishment has minimum impact on the environment and that our waste levels are at the lowest levels possible.
With strong ethics, values and respect for our planet, it is Om’s policy to lead by example and be the change we wish to see in the world. Our motto is ‘Think global, Act local!’

We achieve our ethical, environmentally friendly policy by-


  • Using 100% eco friendly cleaning and hygiene products throughout Om.
  • Obtaining our ‘Green energy’ supply through an ethical energy company- Ecotricity
  • Running as many of our lights as possible on motion sensors, to save energy.
  • Using LED lightbulbs wherever possible, increasing energy efficiency.
  • Using recycled toilet roll and other recycled products
  • Using biodegradable refuse sacks and bin liners
  • By recycling at least 95% of our waste. This is easily achieved as most general waste that is not naturally biodegradable can be recycled. Including,but not limited to; plastics, plastic bags and packaging,bottles, paper, light bulbs, batteries and so forth. The key to recycling is doing the research to find out where you can recycle some of the items that are not commonly accepted at every recycling centre.
  • Sourcing and purchasing fair trade beverages and products
  • Avoiding the purchase or use of commercial branded products wherever possible.
  • Supporting independent, ethical suppliers and products by purchasing/using their products instead of a high street commercial brand
  • Treating all human beings with respect and compassion
  • Having respect and appreciation for our Planet Earth, after all, we only have the one!