Om is located at 19 Greyhound Street, Nottingham, NG1 2DP. We are in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, just a minutes walk from the historic Old Market Square

Due to our central location we are easily accessible by public transport, both buses and the tram, as well as taxi ranks, all within only a few minutes walk.

Due to our central location, there is no on-site parking available. The nearest public car parks are located at Trinity Square and Upper Parliament Street. There is also on road parking available in areas throughout the city centre. To save money and the environment Om recommends using Public Transport, most services should bring you within a few minutes walking distance from Om!

Directions from the old Market Square.
Walk along Long Row, towards the council house, passing the council house and the left lion,look left and you will see a Clarks shoe shop. The lower entrance to Greyhound Street can be found just past the Clarks shoe shop, off to the left

You will find Om at the top of the street on the right hand side. Om’s main entrance is on the left hand side of the public toilets.

Directions from the Brian Clough statue, where King Street and Queen Street meet.
Standing at the Brian Clough statue, facing the Old Market Square, look to your left and you will see a florists shop called Andertons which is is on the corner of the upper entrance to Greyhound Street.