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Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style (2nd Floor)

January 9 @ 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Wednesdays 6-7pm
(Yang Style, including the subtle inner details)

About Tai Chi Chuan (Chuan means Fist)

Tai Chi Chuan太極拳 (Taijiquan) is inspired by nature and derived from nature. It is filled with spiritual and philosophical essence.
The spirit of Tai Chi Chuan can be summarised as “Mind over Matter”. Its movement is fluid, gentle and elegant. It coordinates abdominal breathing 丹田 (Dan Tian) to cultivate the Chi氣 (Qi), life energy, and the Chi flows inside the body in the meridians 經脈 (Jing Mai). Therefore, Tai Chi Chuan is actually Chi Kung氣功 (Qi Gong) and has many proven health benefits, especially good to chronic health problems as well as improvement in the following areas:

-Relaxation from stress.
-Reduce stiffness and pains associated with arthritis.
-Physical coordination and flexibility.
-Improvement in balance (reduce the risk of falls)

About the instructor:

Mr Albert Tang has been practising traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword for over 30 years. Please refer to YTC88 for further details and lineage.

Albert teaches the following classes:

1. Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (YTC88)

2. Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword (WDS57)

Please e-mail Albert Tang for registration:
albt.tang@hotmail.com, or text to
0748 386 0748

All enquiries welcome.


More info here: http://om-studios.co.uk/classes/tai-chi/tai-chi-chuan-yang-style/


January 9
6:15 pm - 7:15 pm