Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (YTC88)

YTC88 is based on Yang Cheng Fu’s 85 Forms (YCF85).  The YCF85 is rich in inner details but carried out in great subtlety.  The movements of YTC88 of this class express explicitly the internal details.  It is the best way of learning/practising Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to understand and master these subtle inner details.  Gradually, the movements will become more and more subtle.  Otherwise, the Tai Chi Chuan, without the internal details, will be superficial and without depth.

You will also learn from the class:

— Brief theories of Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Meridians/Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine.

— How to do the forms with internal details, instead of just moving the limbs.

— How to develop our whole body structure strength, instead of using the partial,

  brutal muscle force.

— Some basic protection / self defence skills besides of improving your health.

— In-depth principles of Tai Chi will be introduced step by step.*

* Many of which have been kept secret by the ancient masters.  For example, the notion or idea of “sinking* on every transition” and “Joining the Left and Right sides” whilst simultaneously utilising “the vertical energy pathways from the lower to the upper body”. (Sinking is not just simply lowering down the body.)

Class  – Wednesday at 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Fee  – £7.00 /person /lesson (pay monthly)

or £10.00 (pay weekly)

Concessions  – £5.00 /person /lesson (pay monthly)

for students or the 2nd person of couples

New joiners welcome.

Students can go further to learn Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword (WDS57) after they reach to certain level of YTC88.  Please refer to WDS57 for their relationship.

About the Instructor and lineage:

1. Mr. Ye Da Mi, the Grand Master of Instructor

Mr. Ye himself had studied from several national grand masters of his day.  They were Tian Zhao Lin, Sun Lu Tang, Li Jing Lin, Yang Cheng Fu, and Yang Shao Hou.  Mr. Ye was very fortunate to receive their closest attention and personal instruction.  In 1926, Mr. Ye founded the “Wu Dang Tai Chi Chuan Studio” in Shanghai.  It was one of the two largest and most venerable Tai Chi Chuan studios in China.  Mr. Ye had delved and become an expert in the Tai Chi Chuan classical texts.  Then Mr. Ye created the “Ye Style” by combining Mr. Yang Cheng Fu’s “Large Form” Tai Chi Chuan with the best from those grand masters.

What exactly is “Ye Style” Tai Chi Chuan?  It is an explicit manifestation of Grand Master Yang Cheng Fu’s “Forms” (體) and “Functions” (用) of Tai Chi Chuan.  One may also say that it fully reveals the techniques of Tai Chi Chuan which were guarded as secrets by ancient Tai Chi masters.  In Ye’s Tai Chi Chuan, you will also find Li Jing Lin’s Wu Dang Sword techniques, Sun Lu Tang’s Ba Gua Palms techniques and Mr. Ye’s personal refinement of the movements.  These are the characteristics of “ye’s” Tai Chi Chuan.  Master Yang’s “Forms” are referred to as the health aspect and the “Functions” are referred to as the combat aspect of Tai Chi Chuan.  The combat techniques had become less important in modern times.  Yet, the Kung Fu aspect is well worth pursuing in order to understand Tai Chi Chuan as a whole and to enjoy it as a form of art.

Ye Style Tai Chi Chuan is popular at Zhejiang Province, (the home country of Mr. Ye) and Shanghai (the teaching place of Mr. Ye) in China.

2. Mr. Tsao Shu Wei, Master of the Instructor

Mr. Tsao began learning Tai Chi Chuan and Wu Dan (Tai Chi) Sword from Mr. Ye Da Mi at a very tender age.  Before long, he became the indoor disciple of Mr. Ye.  In 1967, Mr. Ye appointed Mr. Tsao to succeed his position to teach Tai Chi Chuan for Wu Dang Tai Chi Chuan Studio at Shanghai.  In 1979, Mr. Tsao immigrated to Hong Kong and kept teaching Tai Chi as his life career.  The YTC88 Forms was composed by Mr. Tsao based on Yang Cheng Fu’s 85 Form, added around 10% of Ye Style Forms to enrich the movement while expressing the inner details.

3. Mr. Albert Tang, the Instructor

Mr. Tang has been practising traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years in Hong Kong.  He began with the Yang Cheng Fu’s 85 Forms.  Since 1999, he learned from Mr. Tsao Shu Wei the YTC88, then Ye Style Tai Chi Chuan and Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword until he moved to Nottingham in August of 2014.  Later in Oct, he founded the Tai Chi for Health and Wellbeing Nottingham and started to teach Tai Chi Chuan.  Students highly appreciate of his deep understanding of Tai Chi and sharing of the internal details.

Mr. Tang demonstrated YTC88 Tai Chi Chuan at Beeston Square in both 2015 and 2016 for the Chinese New Year Events, organised by the Broxtowe Borough Council.

Please e-mail Albert Tang for registration:

albt.tang@hotmail.com, or text to 0748 386 0748

All enquiries welcome.

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