Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword (WDS57)

The Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword forms were inherited from Mr. Li Jin-Lin (1884 – 1931), who was a general in the army and the No. 1 Sword master of his day. He had trained many disciples the Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword, including Ye Da Mi, the Grand Master of Albert Tang.

The Training of Tai Chi Chuan has no boundaries. There are many complimentary methods. Especially the Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword, it is versatile, flexible, beautiful and gracious. If trained well, the performer has a flair of flying dragon. From some of the Tai Chi Chuan (YTC88) movements, we can see the “Sword” being merged into the “Chuan” (Chuan means Fist). It tells us that the Wu Dang (Tai Chi) Sword and Tai Chi Chuan are closely related. If we could transfer the spirit of “Sword” into “Chuan”, our “Chuan” will have a lot more poise and stamina.

About the Instructor, Mr. Albert Tang:
Over 30 years of practising traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Please refer to YTC88 for further details and lineage.

This class is mainly for YTC88 class students as they are closely related. But other interested parties with certain tai chi standard level will be welcome.

All enquiries welcome. Please e-mail Albert Tang:
albt.tang@hotmail.com, or text to 0748 386 0748.

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