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‘Celestial Fire’

Holistic Healing sessions, courses and workshops.

For wellbeing ,health, awakening and transformation

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that aids emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. It is the vital life force energy which flows through all living things, and which can be activated for the purpose of healing.
It strengthens and boosts your own life force energy or ‘Ki’ energy. When our life force energy is strong, we are healthier and happier. Reiki stimulates the bodies own natural self healing ability, and facilitates deep relaxation.

Karuna Reiki
Karuna Reiki is an evolved form of Reiki Healing, using different, new Karuna Reiki symbols which allow for a different kind of Reiki energy to be channelled. The Karuna symbols add extra depth and provide extra healing tools to fine tune and deepen the Reiki Healing energy and session.

Angelic Healing- Aderium
Aderium is pure angelic light, love and healing. It is a powerful clearing, high vibrational energy.

Shakti Divine Feminine Healing (Shakti Fire or Shakti Anahata)
Working directly with the Divine Feminine. Deep healing whilst being held and supported in the energies and womb of the Divine Mother.

Shakti Fire
Powerful, transformative and energising. Working with the transformative and potent energies of fire and Kali!

Shakti Anahata
Gentle, deeply nurturing and nourishing. Healing of emotional issues and wounds. Healing of the heart. Working with the gentle energies of the Divine Mother, with Isis, Parvati and Quan Yin.

Crystal Healing
Using gemstones to promote healing and rebalancing of the body and emotions.
A personalised Crystal Healing session. A variety of Crystal Healing treatments are available including the popular Chakra Balancing treatment.
1hr appt 20-30 min treatment time £25

Shamanic Healing
Including Soul Retrieval, Empowerment journeys, Past Life healing.
1.5- 2hrs £30-£50

All healing sessions are conducted intuitively. Crystals, aura sprays and and other tools may also be used.

All of the healing therapies are techniques and energies that are not attached to any particular belief system.

Unless otherwise stated,all healing sessions are 1 hr appointments, with approximately 30 minutes healing time @ £25.
For Reiki sessions, I also offer a 1hr 20 min appointment @ £35.

Kundalini Dance
Kundalini Dance one to one session (2hrs) £45
7 week group course £120.

Womb Blessing (Miranda Gray method)
The Female Energy Awakening Path.
It deepens your connection to the Divine Feminine, raises your vibration, awakens blocked or dormant aspects of your four female archetypes. Gradually healing and balancing the patterns and blocks within your cyclic nature, to bring love, harmony and self empowerment. It is a path of healing, self development, spiritual development and transformation.
1hr-1.15 min £45.

Womb Healing (Miranda Gray method)
The Womb Healing is a supportive experience, designed to replenish energy levels and gently clear blocks within the four aspects of the archetypes.
It activates and balances the flow of energy between the archetypes, bringing balance the menstrual cycle and a woman’s life.
50min £35

Prices-see listings
Concessions and sliding scale are available if required. Contact Natalie to discuss

Natalie has been studying spiritual practices and techniques since her late teens. She attended her first training course in the healing arts in 2001, when she took her Reiki level one. Since then she has followed her calling by studying and training in a variety of different healing modalities, that captured her heart and interest.
In 2008, she became a Reiki Master/Teacher. In around 2011- 2012, her practise developed further, with her bringing through some new energy healing vibrations with specific names and nature, such as the Angelic Healing- Aderium.
Through her own personal journey of deep healing and transformation, Natalie understands the process, and her direct experience lends strength to her as a healer and teacher.
Committed to her own personal development, Natalie continues to expand her knowledge and understanding, and regularly attends training courses and workshops.

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