Shiatsu sessions

Shiatsu is a Japanese Bodywork therapy founded on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same system used in acupuncture, but without the needles. In a typical treatment, Pete will employ a variety of techniques, including rocking, stretching, spinal & joint manipulations, applying pressure to parts of the body and stimulating acupressure points using mythumbs, fingers or elbows.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the chi (natural life-force) of the body, as it flows throughout the organs and meridians (energetic pathways) of the body. This flow can be upset by, for example, the climate, accidents and traumas, emotions and unhealthy lifestyles, leading to blockages in the flow of chi, which can then manifest as pain, lethargy, unhealthy emotions, internal symptoms, or life problems such as feeling stuck.

Restoring this flow allows the body to return to its natural balance, releasing the pain and tension, improving symptoms, your sense of self and the way you deal with life and its situations. As well as changes in their symptoms, clients commonly report feelings of being incredibly relaxed, energised and uplifted by the treatments.

Shiatsu sessions are with Pete Anderson of Authentic Health. Pete is a very experienced and skilled practitioner and comes highly recommended.

Prices are £45-£50 per session. Discounts available for block bookings.

Please contact Pete directly for more information, or to make a booking